Painting the Roses Red

A Second Teacupful of Alice in Wonderland Trivia

Like the author’s first Alice in Wonderland trivia book, this second teacupful of Alice-related trivia is also based on both modern-day and historical information taken from the massive literature about Lewis Carroll and his two Alice books. From this large source of information, the author has created 40 “trivia units.” The random trivia units focus on selected topics related to the strange destinations of Wonderland and Looking-Glass world visited by Alice during her travels and adventures. The trivia units include “Painting the Roses Red,” “The Great Tart-Filling Mystery,” “Alice as Crocodile Poet,” and “Eating the Fish-Footman’s Aquatic Relatives.” There are also two trivia units devoted to the egg-man Humpty Dumpty: “Humpty Dumpty’s ‘Handsome’ Egg Shape” and “The Zodiacal Humpty Dumpty.”

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